Refund policy

  1. Refund

    1.1. Users have the right to a refund within 30 days from the moment of payment of the plan, provided that:

    a. The user made a written request for a refund within a period of 30 calendar days from the moment of payment of the plan.

    1.2. A refund request must be sent to legal@theultra.io and must include the user's email address, the date of payment and the reason for the refund.

    1.3. The refund is made in the same way as the payment was made, within 14 days from the moment of receipt of the refund request.

  2. Exclusion

    2.1. The return conditions do not apply in cases where the user violated the terms of use of the Services or took actions that led to a violation of the rules of use, including as a result of posting content that violates the laws of Ukraine, United States of America, or country correspoding to billing address of user.

  3. Changes in return conditions

    3.1. The Company reserves the right to make changes to these Return Terms. Please review them periodically to be aware of any changes.

FOP Revenko P.O. Contact Information: Address: Kharkiv, Nauki Ave. 19 Email: legal@theultra.io

Date: 12.12.2023